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Rules & Regulations

  1. 1. Parent’s cooperation is solicited in maintaining punctuality, regularity and discipline at all school functions.
  2. 2. Parents are required to look into their children’s school diary every day and see that the lesson and homework assigned are duly completed.
  3. 3. Remarks made in the school diary should be acknowledged and countersigned regularly by parents.
  4. 4. If you feel that your child is not making the desired progress, please make it a point to discuss it with the principal, the class teacher and the subject teacher.
  5. 5. Criticism of a teacher or the school, in the presence of student should be avoided. This may cause the student to lose respect for his teacher and the school.
  6. 6. Parents are not allowed to meet their children or their teacher during school hours without prior permission of the principal.
  7. 7. Parents are expected to participate regularly in school events (PTM, Exhibition, etc.)
  8. 8. Parents are requested to inform the school of any change of address and contact details.
  9. 9. Visitors are not allowed to meet the teachers in their respective class rooms.
  10. 10. The child who fails to reach the school on time and does not attend the prayer may be sent back home
  11. 11. Parents should not take the child out of Deoria during school days without the prior permission of the principal.
  12. 12. Children will not be allowed to go home from the school in between school hours for any unforeseen circumstances.
  13. 13. Please ensure and encourage that your child take part in the activities of the school.
  14. 14. The school does not like you to wear or bring valuable articles such as gold ornaments to school.
  15. 15. Talking in English helps students a great deal. The school expect children to talk in English at all time at your homes also.
  16. 16. Parents are requested not to compare a child with another as they are having different background and abilities.
  17. 17. If the fee is not received at the office on the due dates, fine will be collected at the rate of Rs. 100 along with the fee.
  18. 18. Your child will get an extra hour time after the school get over in the name of Extra class. On that one hour your child can improve and develop his/her study related problems.
  19. 19. Parents must take care to maintain the uniforms, hair, nail etc. in neat and tidy.
  20. 20. Routine cross check of copies and diaries is the duty of a vigilant parent in weekly basis.
  21. 21. Parents are requested to maintain a good linguistic atmosphere at home (Hindi and English both) Note: rules and regulations mentioned here in may be changed as per the decisions of the school management. The changes will be informed by the teacher through the school diaries.

  1. 1. Students are to remain seated at all time of the school hours.
  2. 2. Students are to remain seated at all time of the school hours.
  3. 3. Studnts are not to talk without permission.
  4. 4. Students are expected to stay busy at their seat doing assigned work.
  5. 5. Students are not allowed to leave the room except at designated times or the permission of the class teacher.
  6. 6. Students must get special permission from the office or principal to work in a lab or special class.
  7. 7. Students are not allowed to use mobile phones or any of the electronic devices during the school hours.
  8. 8. Students are not permitted to use bad language or abuses inside the campus.
  9. 9. During the class time students are not allowed to make comments in the class rooms.
  10. 10. Students are not allowed to destroy or demolish any of the properties owned by the school.
  11. 11. No jewellery is to be worn ( except wrist watch ) and no make up any kind is to be used.
  12. 12. Nails are to be kept trimmed.
  13. 13. No students should be absent without a prior written leave application. In case of contagious illness, the child is not allowed to attend the school without a fitness certificate from an authorized medical practitioner.
  14. 14. The name of a student who is absent for 5 days without leave shall be struck off the register.
  15. 15. Strict prohibition of anti-school activities (as like comments against school in social media’s, outside fighting.. etc ).
  16. 16. The principal has the right suspend a student. The principal may also ask parents/ guardians to withdraw their child from the school if his/her conduct or education progress is not satisfactory.
  17. 17. Strictly prohibition of the use of face book, what’s app and other social networking.
  18. 18. FAILURE to follow the above rules may lead to further punishment loss of privileges or out of school suspension. In most cases the student will be sent home when excessive misbehavior occurs.

  1. 1. Listen carefully.
  2. 2. Follow directions when the teacher gives them.
  3. 3. Work quietly. Do not disturb others who are working.
  4. 4. Respect others. Be kind with your words and actions.
  5. 5. Respect school and personal property (such as science equipment).
  6. 6. Never use any science equipment, chemicals, or other materials without the teacher’s permission.
  7. 7.Failure to comply with these rules or other procedures will result in the appropriate disciplinary action outlined below:-

    1st time- Warning
    2nd time- Seat change or sent to office or hallway
    3rd time- Meeting with teacher
    4th time- Call home to parent or guardian
    5th time- Detention
    6th time- Further administrative action